Never in Love

200408800-001Men and Women are not equals. As women we need to stop being delusional about that fact. Women believe that their worlds are so much better now that we have more “rights” but we have no more rights we lost rights. Men aren’t allowed to worship us like they used to. We are garbage to them now and there’s no use in keeping any woman around for a long period of time. Young men now have the impression that of they appreciate and take care of a woman everyone will think they are pussy whipped or a push over. They don’t have any reason to respect us because we have told them we can survive without them. We have told them we are strong enough to take care of ourselves and run families. delusional. Did these women who fought for all of this assume mother nature would change when the laws and culture did? Were men supposed to out of the blue begin to have babies? I really hope the woman thought about that but they must not of. So whats the end result of all of this? Disrespectful men who are disrespectful because they were brought up by a generation of moms who told them that women are strong and don’t need them. We are not equal to men in any kind of way. I love being a woman but I’m sorry ladies we are less than a man and you need to wake up although our grandmas messed it up for us all. We can not survive on our own and raise good children. Now we have television and horrible school systems raising our kids. Even if it’s not a single parent home if both parents are working where does that leave the child? id say less than a single parent. We are just going to have dumb and dumber generations being popped out. I’m 23 and all I want to do is find me and man who will marry me and take care of me and in return ill take care of him and his house and maybe children if we are lucky enough but all I find our deadbeats who want me to pay for everything because I make more or college educated guys who want me to have more schooling. I’m a woman I was made to make babies and I’m not the brightest but I could hold an intelligent conversation with a man I don’t feel I need more education to get a man just so I can eventually tell him if I have kids im not working. Looking at what I was given to work with I can’t see how I was born in 1989. I can cook and clean and I would love to take care of a man but I live in a society where I get torn apart just saying I would like to stay at home if I had kids. LISTEN LADIES STOP FANTASING ABOUT LOVE AND REALIZE BEING TAKEN CARE OF IS MORE IMPORTANT. Get off your high horses because saying you can do these things on your own is just like shooting yourself in the foot. Men were made for certain activities and women were made for certain activities. It’s in our chemistry. So now after this huge rant I should go to bed but anyways I’m just me Sarah looking to have a man take care of me…I could care less about being IN love with him.