Go to the gym…

That will fix you right up! Lol not. As someone with bipolar I hear this a lot. Don’t get me wrong exercise helps me quite and bit and I’m all for it but since being I’m Nebraska (yea moved here instead of Hawaii) I’ve been rabid cycling. This is a total shock of having no support system here and going through this. I told the guy I’ve bed hanging out with I was having issues. Felt he deserved and explanation since I had freaked out on him a few times already. His response was I needed to change my thoughts and exercise. He is sweet and I know he meant well but if you’ve dealt with bipolar you know it’s a little or ok let’s say it how it is ALOT more than just changing your thoughts and exercising. Why would I sabotage my own life? Few months back I was under control and the happiest I could be… There’s no way I would choose this state of mine over that. Sadly I still wasn’t great but not dealing with any huge thoughts that had no basis for thinking about. No support system though and as much as it kills me because she’s screwed me over and overly babies me at least mom realizes I can’t control it at all at some points. She seems to think it’s all the time but at least she has some understanding of what I deal with and how hard I try.


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